verse exercise//marcus column (for ck)

how do you assemble stones
from titrate saturated sediment
all in one whom eroded from
no pail no motive foundation

you your hands your voice you look
so alien in your reflection/as though
why tried&failed arrived against 
there washed out lines gate shadowed tines that 
knell wasted oblivion

and how do they feel exactly
how were you made this way
how does this thought move through you to the surface
passing up through your stem like a stone/your look
the ever un diluted cell/such walls were drilled 

for marcus in his lifetime/and then this fellow with these sleeves 
tornadoes, aeolus, amidst the churn 
                           of soldiers, they swarm the pillar up
whose surely chapter here is over
how did they once assemble rome?
they now face death together. 


the above was part of a poem chain, where i’m working with sounds and words based on another poem by someone else which i’m not posting. 

one of the many monuments mary led us to and explored with us was the colonna di marco aurelio, which depict the danubian wars aurelius waged. 


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