Monthly Archives: June 2014

how do you assemble stones
from titrate saturated sediment
all in one whom eroded from
no pail no motive foundation

you your hands your voice you look
so alien in your reflection/as though
why tried&failed arrived against 
there washed out lines gate shadowed tines that 
knell wasted oblivion

and how do they feel exactly
how were you made this way
how does this thought move through you to the surface
passing up through your stem like a stone/your look
the ever un diluted cell/such walls were drilled 

for marcus in his lifetime/and then this fellow with these sleeves 
tornadoes, aeolus, amidst the churn 
                           of soldiers, they swarm the pillar up
whose surely chapter here is over
how did they once assemble rome?
they now face death together. 


the above was part of a poem chain, where i’m working with sounds and words based on another poem by someone else which i’m not posting. 

one of the many monuments mary led us to and explored with us was the colonna di marco aurelio, which depict the danubian wars aurelius waged. 


i’m leaving rome tomorrow on a tiny plane with katt-matt where we have to reduce our luggage down to a 10 kg bag. ryanair is the enemy. i do truly wish i had left my three pairs of pants, my long sleeve shirt and my jacket and my two button up shirts at home. while i wore the shirt and tie one day in milan and on the train to padova, it’s been in the 90s here most of the time and i scurry from one shady stretch to the next in my shorts and tshirt as we walk through rome.
this has been a good reminder to me that i’d like to get rid of most of my things.
a lot of folks seem to hate ryanair and their staff and their policies. folks online say their staff is determined to bring you to tears. our friend mary warned us a few times, they literally screwed me both ways. never again.
matt discussed a this american life episode about a guy who cried only when seeing movies on planes. something about the whole emotional situation.
matt forgot his mini tripod in milan. matt hasn’t brought a guitar for busking but a microphone for setting down material. an impressive rode that attached to his iPhone. i think i might want to get a microphone like that now. i’m not sure what i’d create with it exactly. all of it. music recordings, like sara’s cover of ambulance. talking and patching together sounds for shows. making new songs myself. art. record it all and store everything outside of your head. but i also want to be wary of talking myself into buying new things. i want to be wary.
i remember getting david a zoom h4 years ago for his birthday. i sometimes wonder if he still wants to create a radio show. to become beyond the next ira glass. but he doesn’t, he’s pretty clear with his path these days it seems. move to somewhere and do that thing.
on the lovely airfrance flight on the way over, kat and i were excited. sure, i’m excited on every flight. but this is one of the airlines where they’ll share in it with you, feed you serious food, pour a champagne toast included with your ticket. she said, let’s watch all of the movies, there’s so many good ones. i wanted to watch the new muppet movie. not the jason segel or bret mckenzie one, but the newer one yet that people say is bad. it’s what they had. we started and it was a mess and i apologized a few minutes in and we switched to watching frozen which neither of us had seen. about ten minutes in something set of something in me and i started crying. kat looked at me and i couldn’t stop but then i started laughing because i wasn’t sure how this happened and it signaled to kat that it was okay to laugh and that i was sort of okay. it happened on and off throughout the movie and finally at the end credits and i never had a full handle on why. i don’t want to analyze it too much.

kathryn and matt and i are in milan visiting with our uncle rich, aunt luisa, and our cousins zoe and filippo.
matt visited with david and others about eight years ago, and they made a bit of a bigger splash at the time. word had preceded them about the blonde american cousins who were coming to visit and they came and it was filippo’s 9th birthday and everyone in the neighborhood came out for a huge game of dodgeball in which the american cousins maybe injured some of the smaller bambinos.
kat and i kept a relatively lower profile. rich/luisa/et al are the consummate hosts. an immediate connection as family and so much to talk about. matt arrived yesterday, zoe and kat and i snagged him from the train station. 
tomorrow we’re taking a train to venice. i’ve contributed at points, but i’ve so often gotten comfortable with kathryn handling the logistics of things and being the person who is good with those details, and that i am the person who is not. matt coming in and keeping pace with her in booking things is a reminder to me that it just takes doing. just making the effort. he’s a great addition to the team–we’ve been a low stress high activity traveling group. it’s been good to uproot myself from my carrboro espresso and library brooding. 
milan is wonderful, of course. yes it is in many ways a run down hurting city where we are hearing each day about how the little money left has been embezzled by some pinstriped papa. but i’m an american kid, and while we have plenty of pale imitations, it’s powerful to see a cathedral or a monastery where every stone has been carved by an artist and it took hundreds of years at that to do it. it makes me slow to sit and scratch down some lines in my pad to feed my head humming. art is inspiring. kathryn can feel this bubbling up if we’re walking together and she’ll nudge me so lightly it seems like it’s my idea. talking with her teaches me how to listen.