Travel Itinerary, Leaving the Nest

We have just 10 days left in Malawi, before heading to South Africa. On Tuesday our wayward hosts who we’re housesitting for return to Lilongwe. We’ll be heading over to UNC cohousing then, which will be good for me. Partially because I’m a positive person, so when a change in plans happens you’ll hear me mention why this is becoming the best of all possible worlds. If I’m by myself and I spill my tea, I’ll mutter to myself out loud “It’s okay,” to sidecoach my way through this minicrisis. But it really might be good. Even if it’s not the luxury island of tranquility we’re in now, I anticipate being into it. It’ll also encourage me to get out more, come out to the clinic with Kathryn more often, and just get out in Lilongwe. It’ll shake things up.

We’ve also been carless, which makes us say no to lots of social happenings that we’d otherwise say yes to. Where we’re moving to, though, there’s other folks who we’d want to do fun things with, and a shared car. It’ll be great to have friends to cook and bake for/with as well.

Kathryn’s been quite busy since well before I arrived. Waking up this morning realizing how soon we’re leaving, we’ve taken a moment to determine what the best way to spend these days. How to rearrange her priorities for the best impact she could have at the clinic here. It seems she and Jeff (the doctor at the clinic & charming family-man extraordinaire) had the concurrent idea of a video project. I’m very excited about her idea, but won’t go into details yet. Maybe the next time I mention it, I’ll be showing you a link.

I’ll need to explore the same question. With Malawi’s border as a benchmark, what do I want to have accomplished by the time I leave?


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