Travel Itinerary

I should totally be writing about my travels, right? I guess my head is just totally in the draft of my play at this point. But I am in Lilongwe, Malawi right now with Kathryn. In three weeks we’re heading to The Kingdom of Lesotho (country enclaved within South Africa) to meet up with man-of-action Jay O’Berski and the people of kick4life that we may all create a theater piece together which Kat will document. After this we’ve got some unstructured traveltime in South Africa, and off the coast of Spain and France (with Kathryn’s frenchfamily of her high school episode of being an exchange student). I feel really lucky to be on this trip and I should write about these days lest I lose them.

I would hate to lose my memories. No one would be excited about that, I suppose. But if anyone ever feels freaked out sometimes at the prospect of losing memories or dementia/alzheimer’s or death and wants someone who gets it to share in the terror with you, I am available, I get it and I sometimes need someone to talk to about this too.

Kathryn’s working at an obstetric clinic at Bwaila Maternity Hospital here in Lilongwe.

So fistulas are scary and painful. But the patients at the clinic are sweet and friendly.

It’s rare to find a picture with her in front of the camera these days.

[trivia: I have partially started this wordpress in order to learn wordpress that I may be be not useless to Kathryn in troubleshooting her site.]

Last winter I finished the second draft of a play. I hadn’t worked on it that actively since January, but have recently picked it up again, determined to bring it to a more finished place. More on this soon.

We’re subletting a home in Area 3 (nice part of town) from these two charming USAmerican doctors in their 60s, Carolyn & Randy for two weeks. Admittedly, much of my time is spent at this house. I should collect some pictures soon, the place is beautiful & it’s a tranquil place for writing.

It feels a little strange at times to be living in this luxury. We have a housekeeper, a groundskeeper, a day guard, a night guard, and two guard dogs with microchips in them. The staff are all warm and gentle. I don’t often think about security in the US when it’s a little box on the wall. It’s good that the guards seem so trustworthy, I don’t really know how to lock the front gate without them.

I’m falling asleep, but more soon, and more pictures…


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